Rabbi Daniel Lapin Teachings

  1. Body, mind and emotions. To be a good business person, one should rule his business by mind, not emotions, not wants or bodily greed or wanting.
  2. Emotions are formed by bodily habits, what we do, what we hear, what we see everyday, primarily through our visual senses
  3. We change our feelings but how we act. Our actions modify our feels. Our feelings follow our actions. 
  4. One example is fear. Fear is one of the emotions, mostly irrational, destructive, not only destructive to self but also to others. Therefore, to get rid of fear is to act with courage, to act without stepping back, to act without serving the fear. By acting courageously, we automatically defeat fear. People
  5. Courage is act fearlessly. Courage does not mean there is no fear. But courage means managing fear proportionately and in a way that does not destroy our will, ambitions and plans.
 ‡ body, business principles, emotions,  Length: [162] words., and modified on: April 1st, 2022.

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