Hello world! This is my World

Welcome to Yikwanak.com Sites. This is the first post at Yikwanak Kole Blog, and I hope to see many  things coming from this particular blog in order to help all of us become more advanced not only in modernisation process but particularly in rooting back to our own roots and ancestors.

I believe in modern building construction theory that simply says, “the more you dig into the ground, the more you can build up over the ground” If I apply this principles in our personal development, then I clearly see how important it is for each of us to be rooted into our self in order to grow bigger and higher, wider and deeper.

I have two roots as far as I can tell and I know well. The first one is my ancestral root, related to my clan and my tribe, my land and my society. This is the primary and  most important one. Then the secondary and complementary one is my root into myself, how deep I contemplate, mediate, learn and apply what I learn in my life.


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