Who runs the Free Papua Movement?

West Papua flag
West Papua flag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Free Papua Movement has many groups, mostly based on various tribal and regional groups. Most of tribes in West Papua are isolated geographically, therefore, the movement is organised by tribal elders in various areas of the region.
At the international arena, Free West Papua Campaign by Organisasi Papua Merdeka and West Papua Revolutionary Army http://papuapost.com; http://infopapua.org, http://feewestpapua.org, and http://ilwp.org as well as http://ipwp.org is the most known and well organised plus well known campaign, under the command of General Mathias Wenda as the Revolution Commander in Chief.
You will find many commanders in West Papua campaigning for the same and one issue: West Papua independence, and do not be confused with the varieties because all are talking the same and one language: West Papua independence.

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